Our Inspiration

Pure is beautiful.

Delicate, beautiful and born of nature, the rain lily flower gets its name by its tendency to grow and bloom after a heavy, cleansing rain in tropical climates, especially in Vietnam. To the indigenous Vietnamese people in the countryside, whose daily lives were occupied with providing for their families, the rain lily flowers were just ordinary wild flowers. The women hardly knew what cosmetics were. The only option available to help them with beauty was to take good care of themselves naturally. Their children didn't even have pens and paper for school, let alone toys.

Fortunately, mother nature has her ways of giving and taking care of the less fortunate. The countryside people enjoyed healthy lifestyles with organic produce that they grew and homemade body care recipes that were free of chemicals and pesticides. Although their children didn't have toys made from factories, they were never short of fun activities.

The young girls would gather the rain lilies boasting different shades of pink color in the fields after they had bloomed. They picked the petals and placed on their finger nails pretending they were nail polish. It gave them a great joy and feeling of beauty.

To us, the rain lily flower symbolizes health and natural beauty, and inspires us in everything we do.