Our People

Tender, Love, and Care

"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."
— John W. Gardener

These days, there is no shortage of nail salons. However, there is an astounding shortage of nail care with integrity and dedication to health and quality. At Rainlily, we strive to be different. Our talented technicians have a genuine interest in delivering experiences that clients remember and return for again and again.

Each Rainlily technician has completed education and training programs to become licensed by the Virginia State Board of Cosmetology. It’s a simple rule that we live by. Among other important factors, the licensure ensures that every technician is familiar with the necessary steps to provide safe beauty care.

In addition to state required licensure, Rainlily demands employees complete a specialized beauty, health and wellness program. These training programs are designed to teach our technicians next-level safe care practices, while elevating their skills to consistently deliver quality service and enhanced relaxation experiences.

We love what we do at Rainlily and are grateful to work in an industry where we can have a positive effect on people.