Be well. Be beautiful.

Get a beautiful manicure with only organic ingredients, and feel the difference. It’s easy to take your hands for granted. They create, accomplish and work hard all day long, and are definitely worth pampering.

Rainlily offers luxurious organic ingredients for your hands and feet, along with tools that are double sterilized and the use of disposable liners.

Infinite ShineNew

OPI's Infinite Shine system gives a gel-like shine with a long-wear lacquer system to provide a long-lasting, rich color – No UV light necessary.


Soothing Mani & Pedi

(Mani 34, Pedi 61)

Seasons come and go. Be at peace with Mother Nature and enjoy what she has to offer.

Ease into the season with Rainlily’s Soothing Mani & Pedi, crafted especially to help you adapt to seasonal changes. Soothe your mind and body with the powerful blend of lemon, peppermint, and lavender essential oils. Immerse in a warm soak and nourish your skin with oatmeal, milk, and Epsom salt. Restore your skin tone with a house-mixed salt scrub and gently smooth out your heels with a natural callus exfoliator. Heal with a soothing massage, including hot stones, using jojoba oil infused with the therapeutic blend of essential oils.

Take a deep breath and open your senses to nature!

Lily Mani29

If you’re feeling self-conscious about the look of your hands, you’ll be amazed what our Lily manicure can do. We’ll help you banish dry skin and infuse natural healthy moisture back for younger, more beautiful fingers and nails.

We love what Christopher Columbus said about papaya. He called it "The Fruit of the Angels," because of its ability to enliven the senses. With that in mind, we’ve created a bubble soap soak with Epsom salt, combined with a scrub using papaya and lavender oils to rejuvenate the dermis. Papaya returns again along with essential oils in our special paraffin treatment to deliver even more nutrients to the hands and nails. A pleasant 5-minute massage helps you unwind while these long-prized ingredients penetrate deep into the skin.

Pure Mani22

Great looking hands and nails shouldn’t feel like a major commitment! Keep them looking great with a visit that includes all of the natural basics and a little extra—Rainlily style!

A simple, clean soak in bubble soap does wonders for removing impurities. An invigorating exfoliation with Epsom salt and sunflower oil sloughs off dry dead skin for smoother hands. And a quick organic sunflower oil massage is just what you need to feel beautiful again.


Make any day feel like a special occasion with this pampering experience. The Lux includes everything you need to relax, unwind and feel totally beautiful.

It begins with an amazing soak infused with Dead Sea salt, followed by our house-mixed scrub using avocado and lavender essential oils. A French clay mask is simply luxurious and helps prep the skin to drink the lavender and avocado nutrients—both included in our paraffin treatment and simply wonderful 15 minute massage.

Gentleman’s Mani23

Stop paying for polish you don’t want! Designed especially for men, this treatment keeps it simple and relaxing—exactly what you’re looking for.

Soak your hands in a warm soapy bath. We’ll follow that up with a great exfoliation treatment complete with Epsom salt, coconut and peppermint essential oils before meticulously trimming and grooming nails and cuticles to neat perfection. A fabulous 10-minute massage with hot stones tops off this great service.

Kids Mani16Kids 12 and under

It’s fun to be spoiled—just like royalty! We’ll soak those little hands in a bubble bath before gently trimming and shaping nails. Beautifully scented lotion is included to moisturize before pretty chemical-free polish is applied!

Upgrade to a healthy gel polish for longer lasting wear and shine.

Gel polish without take-off17

Gel polish including take-off27